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LDEI Quarterly Magazine

Les Dames d’Escoffier is the only organization of its kind: a world-wide philanthropic society of professional women leaders in the fields of food, agriculture, fine beverage and hospitality. The by-invitation membership, composed of over 2,400 members in 42 chapters in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Mexico, is highly diversified and reflects the multifaceted fields of contemporary gastronomy and hospitality. www.LDEI.org


The Green Tables Initiative was launched in 2005 to further the linkages between urban and rural farms and gardens to school, restaurant and kitchen tables in LDEI chapter communities throughout our international organization and it’s the heart of the NEW ENGLAND Chapter mission






  • Promote community health and well-being

  • Build upon existing community food, gardening and agriculture efforts

  • Inspire focus on the value of local farmers and enhance the use of locally grown food

  • Share our skills and knowledge to further the local food movement and enhance public health

  • Foster LDEI’s leadership in the local food movement

Unlike the other Les Dames d’Escoffier chapters in the NEW ENGLAND we are Green Table centric. Our dues are $125 per year due the first week of September . We have no obligations or time commitments but we stay connected through shared events and social media. Members are as involved in those shared events as time permits. We are a powerful resource to women in the business of ALL aspects of food, farming, viticulture, and culinary arts!